Unlocking Destinies from the Courts of Heaven
FREE Feature Session

When people have been praying prayers for a long time and haven’t seen an answer, they may think, I must be doing something wrong. I must be displeasing to God. Maybe I don’t have enough faith. We start blaming unanswered prayer on ourselves or think that it’s not the timing of God. But it could be that a legal matter is causing resistance against us in the spirit realm.

This feature session from Unlocking Destinies From the Courts of Heaven begins with the most important foundation for unlocking destinies—recognizing the three dimensions of prayer. We know our Lord as our heavenly Father, and we know He is our Best Friend, but how well do you know Him as the Judge? Encounter Him as the Judge—and discover how and why to approach Him in that capacity.

This feature session comes complete with associated study materials: companion book chapter, interactive study components, and pages from the small-group leader’s guide.